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Umbrella insurance provides an additional layer of protection by covering expenses from eligible claims that surpass the limits of your home or auto insurance policies.

What is Umbrella insurance
and how can it benefit you?

Umbrella insurance coverage helps protect you from the costs of covered claims when those costs exceed the limits of your home insurance or auto insurance policies.


An umbrella policy can help cover defense costs when you are being sued for damages to someone else’s property or injuries caused to others in an accident.

What is not covered by Umbrella policies?

  • Generally, damage to your own personal property is not covered under a personal umbrella policy.

  • Business losses; like damage to your business property or losses related to the running of your business generally would not be covered by a personal umbrella policy. This is even if you run your business out of your home. Ask our agents about business insurance, if this is the type of coverage you are needing. 

  • Intentional acts. A personal umbrella policy isn’t designed to protect you from liability connected with your own intentionally harmful behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can Umbrella insurance help with?​​

    • It can support you through claims of libel and slander, legal defense costs, and international liabilities. ​

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