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Forward looking loss control services, including software to manage claims
and determine x-mods three months prior to renewal has produced
measureable savings to our Arizona clients with significant workers
compensation needs. Our experience in working closely with the insurance
market locally is focused on negotiating the best possible terms for our client,
with insurers reputable and stable enough to honor their policy commitments.
Workers compensation insurance protects an employer from liability for an
accident involving an employee. The insurance coverage pays benefits to
your employees if they are injured on the job. It will cover their medical bills,
a portion of lost wages, vocational rehabilitation, and death benefits. The
coverage amount is established by state law and benefits don't vary from
company to company within the same state.
Arizona workers compensation insurance covers all the employees of the
business. Special provisions must be made if an employee works out of
state. It may cover the business owner if the business is a corporation and
the owner is actively involved in the business.
A commercial auto insurance policy serves as protection against liability for
bodily injury and property damage relative to your ownership, maintenance,
or use of vehicles involved in doing business. Arizona commercial auto
insurance also includes attorney fees, court costs and payment to the
injured person. Trucks, certain motorized equipment, buses, limousines,
and many types of vehicles can all be afforded coverage, in addition to the
standard car or delivery van. Your Arizona business may also need "non
owned and hired" auto liability coverage for vehicles your employees use or
that you rent or borrow.
If your Arizona business owns more than five vehicles, it can be considered
a "fleet" and is eligible to receive a volume discount or special commercial
auto insurance rate consideration. Keeping your active drivers list clean of
violations and accidents will also reduce your commercial auto insurance
Utilizing a responsible maintenance program, carrying claims kits in all
vehicles and taking part in professional driver training programs have
proven to reduce losses for Arizona businesses.
We monitor our client satisfaction by closely reviewing your account and
making necessary recommendations to guarantee proper coverage is in
Arizona Business general liability insurance is your businesses protection
against devastating claims for things over which you may have minimal
control. Choose Arizona business liability insurance for products, directors
& officers, errors & omissions, discrimination, benefit liability, and other
professional liability policies. We offer professional liability insurance
services to Manufacturers, Wholesale, Retail, Services, Transportation,
Construction, Commercial Real Estate, small Contractors, and other
businesses throughout Arizona.
We have the experience and available insurance markets to analyze and
recommend the correct amount of Arizona business liability insurance for
your large or small business. No matter how diligently you remove all
possible hazards from your business, you could be sued successfully for
accidents resulting from the carelessness of a customer.
Protecting your Assets and Liabilities
Our exposure analysis identifies your business' risks and recommends
the optimal blend of insurance coverage and risk management. This
generally involves a combination of:
Arizona Workers Compensation
Business Auto
and More
Arizona Business Liability Insurance Features
Business liability insurance coverage insures your business in the event of
accidents and injury that might occur on your premises and any exposures
related to your products. It will protect your Arizona business from possible
huge payments for bodily injury or property damage to a third party and for
medical expenses accruing to the underlying incident. It will also absorb the
cost of defending lawsuits that may include needing investigations or
settlements, and for any judgments or bonds required during an appeal.
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Builders risk insurance provides coverage for buildings that are under
construction. The construction can be new, a remodel, or repair.
Coverage includes materials at the work site before they are installed,
any materials intended for the work site that are in transit, and the value
of the new, remodeled, or repaired property being built until it's
completed and the owner accepts the work.
Arizona builders risk insurance coverage can also be purchased for
specific home improvement projects such as a new room addition, a
deck or a remodeled kitchen.
Those who should seriously consider purchasing builders risk
insurance include general contractors, subcontractors, home builders,
real estate developers, building owners, colleges and universities, and
An Arizona builders risk insurance policy includes perils such as theft,
vandalism, fire, wind storm, lightning, and hail. Most policies offer
limited coverage for collapse. Standard exclusions include earthquake,
flood, weather damage to property in the open, water damage,
employee theft, mechanical breakdown, war, government action,
contract penalty, and voluntary parting. Another important exclusion is
for damage resulting from faulty design, planning, workmanship and
materials. Builders risk insurance is meant to offer coverage for
accidental events and not for poor construction. Earthquake and flood
coverage can usually be added to the policy for an additional cost.
Who Is Insured
The named insured of a builders risk insurance policy is usually the
contractor or developer of the property. However, it may be the
building owner or homeowner if they are responsible for insuring the
property while under construction, particularly when the construction
is a remodel or repair. A mortgagee or lien holder may be added as
an additional insured.
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